Introducing Mobilize Enterprise

This month, Mobilize released their Enterprise platform, a dynamic cloud-based product that enables multi-tiered organizations to experience digital transformation quickly with our unified data intake, client communication, and reporting processes.

Customize Permissions for Users + Accounts
With tiered accounts, department and program leads can manage their own accounts according to their goals, while admins have access to all accounts to gain quick access to the big picture. With this new tiered functionality, high-level admins can customize permissions and access the usage details of their team and sub-organizations.

Gather Data Through Text
Make data gathering simpler for both your team and contacts by delivering forms and surveys in real-time using text messages. Using surveys with Enterprise makes in-the-moment data gathering and analytics possible, and with the survey template creation feature it’s never been more simple to create engaging surveys. All your collected data is viewable in the platform and downloadable reports can be created at any time.

Communicate Directly with Contacts
Choose to communicate with all contacts, groups, or individuals in real time or schedule your message ahead of time. Urgent updates, reminders, and mass communication are made simple with the speed and reliability of our mass text messaging system.

The Mobilize Enterprise software provides organizations with accessible, secure, and customizable ways to collect, interact, and analyze data. Mobilize offers communications platforms that are tailored to the needs of organizations in social services, government, education, healthcare, and other human-centered industries. With the lens that technology empowers people to have a greater impact, the Mobilize team is dedicated to scaling products that make a real difference for humanity.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact our team!