Mobilize Enterprise: Boots on the Ground

Boots on the ground, Definition: ground troops who are on active service in a military operation.

Even the definition of this idiom conjures images of those brave people working diligently to accomplish the daily tasks needed to progress larger goals. These are the people who deal directly with clients or customers on a daily basis. They are the lifeblood, back-bone, and nervous system of any organization or business. The information they collect is what informs leadership on which avenues to explore. Oftentimes, their jobs are the hardest and Mobilize Enterprise was developed with their needs in mind.

The implementation of Mobilize Enterprise provides your boots on the ground team members with an advanced toolset for efficiency and success. For example, we can point directly to our partners in the Food Bank Council of Michigan (FBCM). The Food Bank Council of Michigan is a unique organization composed of member regional food banks and their subsidiaries – each with innovative strategies to respond to the specific needs of their community. With the knowledge that data drives impact, they saw an opportunity to create a centralized data system while securing the autonomy of their partners’ workflows.

Before implementing Mobilize Enterprise, FBCM’s partner organizations would collect client data in a variety of ways (often manually), and often duplicate data that is already in their system. It was nearly impossible to centralize, track, and manage the information coming into these food banks both on a small and a large scale. It was tedious for volunteers to gather this information and next to impossible for FBCM to get a real-time snapshot of client data across member organizations. By creating a partnership with Mobilize, the Food Bank Council of Michigan’s vision to unify data became possible.

Now, each partner organization can handle client intake and other data gathering processes through digital forms sent straight to the person’s phone via text, making intake and distribution safer and more efficient than ever. This automated process replacing manual intake processes, data is centralized and updated in real-time. Using this system, the Food Bank Council of Michigan can view the impact of the organization and any partners and pantries at any moment.

Other use cases include:

  • COVID-19 Health Questionnaires
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Client Intake
  • Instant Form Submissions
  • Quick Information Sent Directly to Team Members or Clients

These tangible use cases and more are made possible with the Enterprise Platform. For more information on Mobilize Enterprise and how it can be used to uplift your organization and the people within it, please reach out for more information.