1. What in the world is a keyword?

Keywords are a simple way to allow your audience to opt in to your different groups. A keyword is a branded word – a chosen set of characters (letters and/or numbers) that your contacts can use to communicate with you via our platform. Mobilize US is equipped with tons of keywords – both premium and account-specific keywords. The basic idea is that a person texts your Keyword (Ex: Education) to 94502 (our phone number/short code).

2. Do I need to sign a contract?

No! For all of our plans available on the website, a month to month billing cycle is all that you have to commit to! There are discounts for annual plans (see pricing page) if you’d like to discuss longer-term and/or higher volume contracts, please reach out.

3. Can I send a text without WiFi?

Yes! You can initiate a text from any phone, all you need is your keyword and enough service to send, one bar of data will do!

4. How do I upload my contact list?

All contacts must have agreed to be on your communication list for example, your audience must have opted-in digitally, or in writing to be in compliance.  In order to upload your contacts, be sure your file is saved as a .CSV list. Use our template for reference! If your file isn’t a .CSV file, you can use the File > Save As function, then .CSV should be in your drop down list. From there, upload away.

5. Do I have to upload a contact list?

No! Your list can build itself by having people opt-in or you can add people manually one by one. All they have to do is text your keyword to the short code (94502) and they’re signed up to receive texts from you! OR they can sign up with a widget (embed a short bit of javascript into your website) and anyone can easily sign up to receive texts directly from your website! 

Sound complicated? Ask us!

6. The system isn’t accepting my contact list. What’s wrong?

Let’s do a little troubleshooting: 

First, check your file. Each row should contain a single contact.  The order of information matters! Use our template for a boost! 

Next, Check your file type. Mobilize US accepts .CSV files. If your file isn’t saved as a .CSV, you can use the File > Save As function, then .CSV should be in your drop down list. 

Still having trouble? We’re here for you. Click the chat button to give real humans a holler!

7. What if I want to send a message to only part of my contact list?

Easy – create groups! Say you want to send a message to a group of volunteers and another to a group of recurring donors. There’s a few ways to do this:

Sort contacts on the platform – In this situation, you could upload two separate .CSV lists: one for volunteers and one for recurring donors. You could also upload one large contact list and manually sort the information into groups. 

Opt-in – The magic part of keywords is that they can create a separate group per keyword. Volunteers could opt-in by texting a volunteer-specific keyword, and donors could do the same with a donor-specific keyword.

8. I have multiple groups - can I send the same message to all of them at once?


Just check the box that says “all contacts” when sending your message! You can send the message to one of your groups, all of your groups, or just a few of your groups.

9. Will I be notified when my message is read?

SMS texts currently do not have the read receipt capability, but you can see that your texts have been delivered!

10. How do I delete a contact?

All you have to do is sign in, view your contact list or group list, and click the “x” by the contact’s name! Viola!

11. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

On the sign-in page messaging.mobilizeus.com select the “forgot password” link and follow the instructions. Still having trouble? Call us to speak with one of our helpful humans @ 877-498-1698

12. If a customer opts-out and decides later they want to opt back in, can they?

Yes, a customer can always opt-in once they’ve opted-out. All they have to do is text your keyword to 94502 and they will receive your automated opt-in message again.

13. What does it mean to opt-in?

Opt-in means a person agrees to receive texts from you. They can do this by (a) texting your keyword to 94502 OR (b) submitting their phone number through our widget.

14. What does it mean to opt-out?

Opt-out means a person decides they don’t want to receive your messages anymore. By texting STOP to 94502, the person will no longer get texts from you, but they can always re-join by opting-in!

15. Do you have to pay for incoming messages?

No! Only pay for the messages you send.

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