Plans + Pricing

All plans come with advanced features.

Advanced features include Text Surveys, API Integration, and MMS as well as our foundational texting features. You can also upgrade any plan with feature add-ons and custom services.

All plans are fueled by credits

SMS Texts – regular text-based content: One credit per 160-character standard message/contact, outbound with free responses.
MMS Texts – multimedia content: Three credits per message/contact, outbound with free responses.
Billed Monthly Billed Yearly
/ Per month/ Per year
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2,500 Credits/Month
3 Custom Keywords
Foundational Features
/ Per month/ Per year
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5,000 Credits/Month
5 Custom Keywords
Foundational Features
/ Per month/ Per year
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10,000 Credits/Month
8 Custom Keywords
Supported On-boarding
/ Per month/ Per year
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50,000 Credits/Month
15 Custom Keywords
Strategy Session
/ Per month/ Per year
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75,000 Credits/Month
20 Custom Keywords
Support Team Ticket Priority
/ Per month/ Per year
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100,000 Credits/Month
25 Custom Keywords
Custom Signage (1)
/ Per month/ Per year
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125,000 Credits/Month
30 Custom Keywords
Custom Signage (3)

Premium Features + Upgrades

We offer everything from strategy sessions to dedicated shortcodes.
Check out all of our add-ons, and reach out if you have any questions or need additional information.
Additional Keywords

$25 each/month

Contact Lookup


Longcode for 1:1



$3,000/qtr + $1,250
one-time set-up fee

Vanity Shortcode

$6,000/qtr + $1,750
one-time set-up fee

Custom Integrations

Contact Us

Direct SMS Surveys


Custom Services

Our team of experts is here to support your specific goals.

Dedicated Onboarding (2 hours max)

$275 one-time fee/ account

Dedicated Support Agent


Campaign Strategy Consult (1 hour, 2 reps)

$275 one-time fee/campaign

Texting Signage

$75 each (PDF Provided)

Foundational Features - Included in all Plans

Mass SMS and MMS Texting
Text Polling
Account Management
Premium Keywords
2-Way Messaging
Unlimited Admins
Import Contacts
Unlimited Groups
Online Support
Online Sign-up Widgets
Unlimited Contacts
API Access
Link to Sign-up
Send Blast Directly from Phone
Text Survey
Scheduling + Recurring Messages

Looking for a different plan than what you see here?

We offer a variety of additional plans
to meet your specific needs.
Contact our Solutions Team