Features for Communication.


Mass SMS and MMS Texting
Premium Keywords
Import Contacts
Online Sign-up Widgets
Link to Sign-up
Text Survey and Polling
Scheduling + Recurring Messages
2-Way Messaging
Unlimited Groups
Unlimited Contacts
Send Direct from Phone

Advanced features integrated into your processes seamlessly

MMS and Supersize Messages

Easily send images, your flyer, or visual instructions along with up to 1,000 characters.

Send a blast from your phone

No need to use a computer or WiFi to send your message. Send straight from your phone with one bar of data.


Our API is set up to empower your team to make connections that work for your unique needs.

Go from 0 to 100

1. Supported On-boarding

Our team will set up and support all of your communication needs.

2. Premium Keywords

Our database of keywords includes many premium options at no additional cost.

3. Unlimited Contacts and Groups

Enjoy an unlimited number of contacts and you can upload an unlimited number of unique groups. This feature gives you the ability to segment your audiences as needed.

4. Supersize Texts - (up to 1,000 characters)

Send all the critical information your audience needs.

We are constantly developing and innovating. Stay tuned for more features and new features to better serve you. If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions for our team, please reach out.