Mobilize Comms API and Digital Transformation

Discover how an SMS texting API could be the missing piece that moves your digital initiatives forward


Your organization prioritizes digital transformation, and doing so could help it improve financial performance and customer satisfaction levels. But, there are two key tenets of digital transformation that can easily get lost in your day-to-day activities: short message service (SMS) and multimedia messaging service (MMS) texting.

SMS and MMS drive mobile communication because they allow organizations to seamlessly engage with consumers around the world. Thanks to these mobile messaging technologies, your organization can realize the full value of its digital transformation initiatives, too.

At Mobilize Comms, we offer an API to help organizations capitalize on SMS and MMS like never before. Our API is simple to deploy and offers unprecedented scalability. It also ensures your organization can take its digital transformation to the next level and further distinguish itself.


What is digital transformation and why is it important?

Digital transformation refers to the integration of technology into all aspects of an organization’s daily operations. It may involve the use of cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other state-of-the-art technologies to enhance everyday operating processes, procedures, and systems.

Organizations can use digital transformation to become more productive and efficient. Yet, digital transformation on its own is insufficient. Organizations must consider how they can leverage digital technologies to continuously improve. With the proper digital technologies and strategy in place, an organization is well-equipped to grow its revenues and keep customers happy.


What is an API? Here’s what you need to know

An API, also referred to as an “application programming interface,” ensures two applications can share information with one another. To explain an API and how it works, let’s consider a real-world analogy: The process of finding, ordering, and receiving a dish from a restaurant.

When you read a restaurant menu, you can review a variety of food options. When you make your selection, you then need to notify a server, who will share your order with the kitchen staff. Next, the kitchen staff will prepare your order and give it to your server, who will then serve your food.

Much in the same way a server is required to get your restaurant order to the kitchen staff for preparation and back to you to eat, an API takes your request for information and sends it to the appropriate sources. In doing so, the API helps you fulfill a request quickly and easily.

For example, if you use an online travel service to book a flight, the service may use an airline’s API to identify pertinent flights based on your request. The API provides an interface in which the service sends your information to an airline to get timely, relevant, and accurate flight information for you to browse.

Meanwhile, the benefits of an API for SMS and MMS can be substantial for organizations in logistics, government, healthcare, and other industries. By using the Mobilize Comms API, your organization can automate SMS and MMS notifications. It can also ensure the right audience members receive the right notifications, at the right time, every time. Plus, you can use our API to gain consumer insights that will help advance your digital transformation strategy.


Benefits of the Mobilize Comms API

If your organization is considering a mobile messaging communication strategy, it can benefit from our API. In fact, the Mobilize Comms API offers several features that make it a great option for organizations that want to accelerate their digital transformation, such as:

1. Scalability

You may know you want to send SMS and MMS notifications but still be uncertain about how many you need to send at a particular time. With our API, you can scale SMS and MMS campaigns to the size of your organization and its target audience.

Our API scales to your organizational needs. If you need to send hundreds or millions of SMS and MMS notifications in minutes, our API enables you to do just that. If you need to send a couple dozen, our API can do that, too. Our platform instantly scales up or down for the number of SMS and MMS notifications you need to send.

2. Compliance

Organizations in logistics, healthcare, and other highly regulated industries must comply with myriad regulations relative to SMS and MMS communications. Otherwise, if your organization ignores these regulations, it risks compliance fines and penalties. Your organization could also face brand reputation damage and revenue losses.

Our API is built to comply with industry regulations. We offer built-in compliance with our API and keep our technology up to date with the latest SMS and MMS industry recommendations and best practices. As a result, we ensure that you can use our API securely and avoid the risk of potential compliance violations.

3. Data normalization

Your organization wants to use SMS and MMS communications to engage with its consumers AND learn from them. But you may discover that the sheer volume of data these tools collect is too much to handle. In this scenario, you may face data overload and struggle to use this information to obtain actionable insights into your target audience.

Our API was designed for large data sets, and it simplifies the process of collecting, cleaning, and scrubbing structured and unstructured information. Therefore, if your organization is interested in using SMS and MMS surveys to obtain data insights, it can leverage our API accordingly. Our API allows your organization to find out why its consumers may choose one brand over another, how consumers like to engage with your organization, and more. That way, your organization can retrieve meaningful consumer insights and use them to uncover innovative ways to foster long-lasting partnerships.


Learn more about how our API can help your organization drive digital transformation

Your organization may benefit from SMS and MMS communications, particularly if you partner with us and use the Mobilize Comms API to connect with the rest of your IT stack. We are happy to teach you about SMS, MMS and everything our API can do — and ensure you can use our technologies to drive digital transformation.

To learn more about Mobilize Comms and how you can use our API for digital transformation, please contact us today.