Project Mosaic Uses Mobilize to Connect Native Tribe Members

Here’s how Mobilize is helping Project Mosaic provide Native tribe members with access to services, event updates, and other vital information during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Key Takeaways: Mobilize provides Project Mosaic with a communications solution that offers:

  • A dedicated 10-digit vanity number that is easy to remember and associated solely with the organization
  • Keywords that Native tribe members can use to opt-in to receive text notifications regarding service and event updates
  • Ability to send text notifications to an unlimited number of contacts and groups
  • Ability to communicate with Native tribe members in real-time

Mobilize is committed to helping organizations simplify their communications. Recently, we had the privilege to partner with Project Mosaic, an organization that primarily works with Native American nonprofit, tribal, and education entities. We helped Project Mosaic create a communications tool similar to a 211 hotline.


What is a 211 hotline?

211 works in a similar fashion to 911. Whereas 911 is used for emergency assistance, 211 can refer callers to health, human, and social service organizations. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) previously designated the 211 dialing code for community information and referral services in July 2000. Since that time, the 211 code has been used to connect individuals and families in need with community-based organizations and government agencies. 

Active 211 systems are currently available in all or parts of 50 states and serve millions of Americans nationwide. They provide callers with information about and referrals to a variety of social services, including:


  • Disaster response and recovery
  • Food and clothing
  • Housing
  • Utility assistance
  • Volunteer opportunities and donations

211 has become increasingly important in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been used to keep community members up to date regarding safety protocols to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Also, 211 has helped community members provide support to one another during the crisis. 



Why did Project Mosaic partner with Mobilize?

For Project Mosaic, the pandemic made it increasingly difficult for Indigenous communities to share critical updates with their people. No longer could Native tribe members engage with one another in-person. Instead, an alternative solution was required to ensure tribe members could safely and effectively communicate with one another.

Project Mosaic recognizes that communities, organizations, and institutions become stronger when they account for the needs of all stakeholders. Founder Jennifer Wolf, MPH, has collaborated with health organizations nationwide to create communications tools and best practices for communities, tribes, and organizations. When Project Mosaic needed a tool to drive communication and collaboration among Native tribe members during the pandemic, it sought out Mobilize for assistance.

Initially, Project Mosaic wanted to create a communications tool specifically for Native tribe members to receive services information and event updates. Given the effectiveness of 211 to connect individuals and families with various community organizations and government agencies, Project Mosaic saw a 211 hotline as a great way to connect Native tribe members both during the pandemic and after it ends.

Mobilize is constantly searching for ways to help the communities we serve and exceed our clients’ expectations. Project Mosaic’s request for a 211 hotline is an important project that we’re proud to be involved with, and we were able to take the technology a step further and create a solution that enables real-time communication among tribe members.


A closer look at Mobilize’s communications solution for Project Mosaic

One of the things that sets Mobilize apart from other communication companies is our ability to provide custom solutions for all types of organizations. When Project Mosaic approached us with this project, we crafted a plan to fulfill its communications requirements. We ultimately found that a 211 hotline could be beneficial, but additional opportunities were available to promote communication among this community.

Our communications solution included a dedicated 10-digit toll-free vanity number exclusively associated with Project Mosaic. A vanity number consists of a custom-made set of digits that spell out a memorable word or phrase. This means a vanity number can be easier to remember than a traditional toll-free number.

We incorporated keywords into our communications solution for efficient segmentation of services and groups. Tribe members can text a keyword associated with services for information or updates. So, a member could text “COVID” to the dedicated number and they would receive a pre-created, automated response with a link to COVID-related resources.

Along with “COVID,” Project Mosaic used the keywords “Housing,” “Food,” and “Events” in its communications solution. After tribe members opt-in for notifications relating to any of these keywords, they are saved as a contact and continue to receive further updates. At this point, a system admin can send outgoing real-time messages to all people who opted-in to these keywords. Tribe members can choose to opt-out at any time.

Project Mosaic is using our solution to send links, surveys, application forms, and other vital communications via text. We offer unlimited contacts and groups, so Project Mosaic is well-equipped to scale its communications with Native tribe members as needed.

The potential of our communications solution for Project Mosaic is substantial. It is currently helping Native tribe members stay up to date about services and events. Going forward, new applications can be explored to further enhance communications within this community, or even beyond it.


What can organizations learn from Project Mosaic’s use of Mobilize’s communications platform?

Mobilize offers a communications platform that can be tailored to the needs of organizations in government, education, healthcare, and other industries and service niches. Our platform makes it easy to send hundreds or thousands of SMS or MMS messages to targeted audiences, so organizations can quickly and effortlessly provide their audiences timely, relevant, and accurate updates.

Check out our plans and pricing to get started or get in touch with the Mobilize team for more information.