Mobilized Insights: Why Surveys Are Moving to Mobile Data Collection

With the right approach to mobile data collection, your organization can seamlessly engage with and learn from its target audience. Here’s why you need to leverage mobile surveys.


Your organization wants its target audience to feel engaged and supported. So, you send online surveys that let you learn more about them and how they want to engage with your organization. These surveys are usually beneficial — they allow your organization to tailor its programs, services, and policies accordingly. Yet, your online surveys may inadvertently do more harm than good, particularly if you ignore mobile data collection.

A survey is a great option to quickly collect data from large groups of consumers, regardless of whether it is accessed on a desktop computer or mobile device. Yet, research shows mobile devices are overtaking desktop computers as the top choice for accessing the internet. This research also indicates consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to access online content — and organizations must plan accordingly.


4 benefits of using surveys for mobile data collection

If your surveys are trapped in emails and HTML pages, there are many good reasons to switch to mobile data collection. Here are the top four:

1. You can reach a larger audience

There were 3.5 billion smartphone users globally in 2020, and this figure is projected to increase to 3.8 billion in 2021. Meanwhile, there were 1.26 billion tablet users worldwide in 2020, expected to grow to 1.28 billion in 2021.

The key takeaway from these mobile user statistics: You can reach the broadest segment of your audience via mobile devices. In fact, if you establish an effective mobile data collection strategy, you can deliver timely, relevant surveys to gain unprecedented member insights.

2. You can get fast survey results

A desktop computer is accessible from a home, office, school, or any other location where the device is accessible. Comparatively, a smartphone or tablet is carried on the person and lets users access your survey content from virtually any location at any time.

By using mobile surveys, you connect with your audience like never before. For example, mobile users can receive a text message that lets them fill out the survey and share details about their experiences with your organization in seconds. This allows you to collect immediate survey results and instantly incorporate those findings into your products, services, and support.

3. You can maximize efficiency

It can be expensive to conduct online surveys, particularly if you rely exclusively on desktop users. You’ll need to wait for desktop users to access an email that contains a link to your survey and then wait for each user to submit their response before reviewing the results.

Mobile data collection can reduce the costs associated with conducting online surveys. You can easily share a text message with a unique survey link identified with a mobile number. The majority of text messages are read within 2 minutes, with an average response time of 90 seconds. Once a mobile user completes the survey, you can integrate their feedback into your operations. Plus, you can use this feedback to find ways to improve your day-to-day operations, become more productive and efficient, and lower your operating costs.

4. You can receive high-quality survey responses

Sending an email survey is simple, but there is no guarantee that recipients check their email accounts regularly or that these accounts are still active. Thus, there is a risk that your email survey will go directly to a user’s junk folder. There is also the chance that your email survey will be ignored in the flood of emails most users get daily.

If you invest in mobile data collection, you can boost the likelihood that the right people will get the right survey, at the right time, every time. You can send a targeted text message to a mobile user, who will receive the notification right away. The message lets you engage the members of your choice, and it allows you to collect and analyze feedback from just them.


How can Mobilize Comms help your organization reap the benefits of mobile data collection?

Mobilize Comms offers SMS for mobile data collection that will let your organization get the most value out of your online surveys. We help businesses deliver SMS notifications that include images, GIFs, and video clips, with messages that can be delivered to millions of mobile users in minutes. Plus, we provide a text survey feature and thoroughly documented API to help you engage mobile users and gather insights. We also provide survey data validation and API and Zapier integrations that let you connect our platform to any system.

We are happy to teach you about SMS for mobile data collection and how you can use mobile surveys to retrieve feedback quickly and effortlessly from smartphone and tablet users. To learn more about how you can use our platform for mobile data collection, please contact us today.