Take a Load Off With SMS Data Collection

Collecting data via text can help your team speed up manual processes, improve outreach efforts, and increase engagement.


SMS is a powerful, effective, and accessible communication channel that connects you with anyone in your target audience who has any mobile device. Businesses forget, though, that this can be 2-way communication. Take advantage of a simpler approach to collecting data that’s made possible by this powerful mobile communication tool.

Using SMS for data collection takes advantage of automation and mass text campaign opportunities to save time and money, reach more people, and increase responses and engagement with your research efforts. Here is a deeper look at how to harness SMS data collection to help your team speed up processes, and how Mobilize Comms gives you the power to make better connections.


Streamlining processes saves time and money

Instead of manually collecting and entering data into your systems, SMS texting helps you automate the process. And not only will the data collection process be faster and easier for your teams, but you’ll also save money since you can send out more text messages at a lower cost using an automated platform like Mobilize Comms.

SMS research outreach allows you to create custom fields to gather the data you need, including name, email address, birthday, and other information. Data received is then associated with a subscriber’s mobile number and stored for reference in your database.

This connection allows you to customize SMS campaigns to reach people on a personal level while collecting more data in an instant.


Accessibility: Reach more people

Focus more on accessibility when you use SMS. The vast majority of Americans – 96% – now own a cellphone of some kind, and nearly all mobile devices use SMS texting as a top communication method. Consumers check their mobile devices continuously throughout the day. 98% of SMS messages are read within 2 minutes of receipt. And because not everyone with a cellphone has a smartphone, you can rest assured that SMS will reach more people than other mobile campaigns that require users to have an internet connection.

SMS texting gives you access to people you may not be able to reach in other channels. Mobile devices are more personal than other devices since they’re almost constantly near their owners. With texting, you have a better chance of making a big impact. It’s the most accessible communication method out there.


Increase response rate

Texting also means you can increase response rate. Consumers are more likely to trust a text message than an email or advertisement because of the personal nature of the phone. They’re more likely to respond, giving you greater access to important data that will drive your business forward.

Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook. That is a huge opportunity for you to learn more about your audiences and gather data and feedback.


More functional surveys

When you send out surveys via SMS texting, you can take advantage of automated features to send more surveys than ever before. Send mass campaigns with Mobilize Comms so you can focus on other things while connecting with thousands of people in minutes. Text survey data will give you greater insight into who you’re trying to reach and what they care about.

Because your audience is more likely to respond to texts, and to respond quickly, you’ll be able to gather data like never before via SMS.


Increase engagement

The fact is, people like texting. In 2020, an estimated 48.7 million people will choose to receive text messages from businesses. This means you can grow your customer base using a messaging format that people actually want to engage with.

With Mobilize Comms, you can incorporate images, GIFs, and video into your text campaigns so your audience is intrigued, inspired, and engaged throughout the interaction, driving brand loyalty and satisfaction.


Work with Mobilize Comms for your SMS research efforts

So why choose Mobilize Comms? Our commitment to accessibility, functionality, and effective communication is unparalleled in our market. We’re committed to ensuring effective, powerful, and accessible communication for everyone.

Because so many consumers use SMS texting on their mobile devices, communications have never been so accessible. In an instant, you can collect data that powers decision making and provides valuable insights about your audiences.

With Mobilize Comms, you can send mass SMS campaigns, send text surveys and polls, import contacts, and more. Match the customer to the data with a unique survey link that is identified with their mobile number. Our data collection tools also include data validation and integrations with API and Zapier for greater flexibility.

Data collection has never been easier. Work with the Mobilize Comms today to start setting up your customized SMS texting campaigns. View our plans and pricing or contact the team with any questions you may have.