What the Heck Is an API? A Beginner’s Guide

What is an API, and how can your organization benefit from one? Here’s everything you need to know about APIs.


An application programming interface (API) is a software intermediary that lets two mobile applications share information. The interface can help your organization connect to its members like never before, particularly when it is used in combination with short message service (SMS) notifications.

If your organization is weighing the pros and cons of different SMS platforms, it is generally a good idea to find out if a platform offers an API. With an API at your disposal, you can use SMS text messaging to seamlessly engage with your audience with platforms you are already using Also, you can leverage your API to keep people up to date about your organization, provide outstanding customer experiences, and distinguish your brand from the competition.


Does your organization need an API?

To understand the potential impact of an API on your organization, first consider what this interface does.

An API consists of definitions and protocols for developing and integrating apps and platforms. It lets developers quickly and easily integrate new components into existing apps, and that can transform the way the technologies communicate with one another. An API can also revolutionize audience engagement.

Organizations across many industries use APIs. For example, e-retailers use APIs to request real-time price information for various products and integrate that into e-commerce apps and other systems. Government agencies use APIs to share census and population data with third-party software developers. Customer service teams leverage APIs to conduct live chats, retrieve account data, and uncover new ways to improve customer satisfaction levels.

Your employees can use an API to streamline communication, which can lead to enhanced productivity and efficiency. Meanwhile, your members can leverage an API to stay connected to your organization and get the support they need, exactly when they need it.

Ultimately, an API can benefit your organization if you use it correctly. In many instances, using an API with an SMS platform is a great starting point, regardless of organization size or industry.


5 Reasons to use an SMS API

You can unlock a lot of functions by connecting to an SMS platform via APO. For example:


1. You can securely send SMS notifications in bulk

An SMS API delivers an unmatched combination of security and convenience. The API provides app instructions to securely send SMS notifications to your target audience. With the push of a button, this lets you immediately deliver notifications to hundreds or thousands of mobile device users.


2. You can personalize SMS notifications

With an SMS API, you can personalize bulk messages for each recipient. This ensures you can send timely, relevant, and accurate SMS notifications to the right audience, at the right time, every time.


3. You won’t have to revamp your everyday systems

An API lets you integrate an SMS platform into your everyday systems. You won’t have to worry about a time-consuming and complex process to send out an SMS blast because the API can put that at your team’s fingertips in whatever system they’re most comfortable using.


4. You can automate your workflows

Not only can an SMS API put sends at your team’s fingertips, you can also automate workflows so messages go out at the right time every time. This allows organizations to reduce or eliminate manual processes to send SMS and free up additional time for staff to work on high-value tasks.


Can your organization use an SMS API?

SMS platforms have different features, and the APIs associated with them have various features as well. As you explore the ecosystem, consider how the platform’s API would allow you to improve your comms practices and mobile messaging workflows. At Mobilize Comms, we offer an SMS API that lets organizations send messages and collect and analyze data using their existing systems.

We offer the Open Rest API built by software developers for software developers. Our API comes with pre-built Zapier connections, so it can be used in combination with a wide range of tools. Plus, our API allows developers to set up documentation to ensure everything associated with the interface happens on the front-end.

Our API even enables developers to run everything associated with the interface in test mode, verify the code is correct, and move it to the back end accordingly.

The Mobilize Comms API is one of many reasons why organizations choose us for SMS. To learn more about our API and SMS platform, contact us today.