What in the World are Keywords?

If you are just diving into the world of mass text campaigns, you may be wondering why you keep hearing about keywords and what role they play in your marketing strategy.

Simply put, a keyword is a chosen set of characters—letters and/or numbers—that your consumers can text to a 10-digit number or designated text short code in order to opt-in to future SMS marketing campaigns. Once they opt-in, they are automatically added to your contact list and can be opted-in to more specific, targeted campaigns at a later date.


How does a keyword work?

Keywords ensure that an unlimited number of participants have the opportunity to engage in conversations and receive updates from companies, organizations, or causes of their choosing.

Keywords are an effective way to get contacts into groups. A person texts your keyword to your designated Mobilize Comms phone number, and they have automatically joined a group in your contact list.

For example, school is wants to keep students, staff, and emergency contacts up to date real-time. The school may choose their acronym “PCHS” as their keyword and prompt their students, staff, and emergency contacts to text it to the designated Mobilize Comms phone number in order to receive alerts from the school.

While crafting a compelling keyword is important, the majority of the effort is on the part of your consumers to opt-in through a simple text message. A large part of your marketing strategy is conceptualizing an opt-in offer that is hard for customers to refuse and is easily encapsulated by your keyword.


How to create a keyword

Step 1: Sign in to your account

Step 2: Click “New Keyword” under the “Keyword” in your user panel

Step 3: Enter your new keyword, description, and any keyword admins by phone number.

Step 4: Automatically Add Opt Ins To The Groups. Choose what group(s) will be automatically associated with this keyword. When you send a text using this keyword, these groups will receive the message.

Step 5: Determine your keyword automatic messages.
Opt-in Message: This is the confirmation message people will receive when they text your keyword to join your list. The text you enter will be appended with the text: For help reply HELP. MsgDataRatesMayApply. Reply STOP to opt out.
Help text: This is the help message people will receive when they text help to your keyword. The text you enter will be appended with the text: “Please email your help request to this email: [email associated with your account]”
Widget Invitation Text: This is the confirmation message people receive when they opt-in using the widget.


If you have more questions about your keyword, are ready to sign up, or just want to try out keyword texting for the first time, text “GET STARTED” to 94502. An easier, more effective method of marketing is just one text away!