Workflows and Text Message Outreach 101

Text message marketing helps you better reach your audiences, while also improving your internal processes and communication. Here are the basics of this approach and its benefits.


Communications professionals are tasked with continuously keeping up with the latest technologies and trends to reach and inspire their audiences. One effective way to improve your marketing is to incorporate SMS messaging.

Almost all Americans now have a cellphone of some kind (96% according to Pew Research Center), this is an extremely effective way to reach the right people at the right time in a more personal format.

Here are the basics of what text message marketing is and how it will improve your workflows.


What is text message marketing?

Text message or SMS marketing is the use of messaging in campaigns to connect with targeted audiences in a more personal channel. This communication technique helps organizations connect on a more personal level with customers since they’re receiving the messages directly to their phones.

SMS marketing typically involves some kind of opt-in, so businesses already know that a potential customer has interacted with their brand in some way. This makes it much easier to connect with leads who are more likely to purchase from your brand or take a desired action.

Another benefit is that text messaging is instant and in hand. You will start making real-time connections with your audiences using this format, a benefit you just can’t get consistently with marketing channels like email or social media.


6 ways SMS processes improve your workflows

SMS marketing helps you effectively reach your customers and leads, connecting with them in a convenient, more intimate format. But integrating text messaging also improves many of your company’s processes and tasks.

More specifically, here are six ways text message marketing improves workflows.

1. Automated notices and reminders

SMS campaigns can be used to automatically send out notices to subscribers, customers, or leads. Did they sign up for a webinar or event? Do they have an appointment coming up? Is a certain offer time-based and expiring soon? Do you need to send 2-factor authentication?

Using text messaging, you can set up automatic reminders to be sent out to only the applicable groups. This saves time and helps you cater messages to the right people. And it helps your customers actually show up for things they’ve signed up for, like appointments they’ve scheduled.

2. Better response times

Text messaging campaigns also shorten the time it takes for a customer service representative or other employee to respond to an inquiry or issue. This is also a benefit of using text messaging internally — tickets will be resolved and closed a lot faster with texts.

You can even set up automated replies using texting. If a customer sends a message, they’ll receive an immediate response that their inquiry was received and is processing.

3. Add a mobile component to your marketing strategy

Automation allows you to add a true mobile component to your marketing plan with minimal work. SMS text messages engage customers and prospects who may not respond to, or even see, marketing in email, social, or other digital channels.

Distributing special codes and coupons in text messages also makes these deals seem more exclusive, available only to customers who provided their phone number to your brand previously. This strategy increases customer loyalty and satisfaction, building closer connections to these contacts than a brand could through almost any other channel.

4. Streamline customer communication

Modern customers want to have modern interactions with brands. Because most people now have a phone, many prefer to communicate over texts rather than a phone call or email. According to data gathered by Avochato, nearly 63% of adults with smartphones say they would switch to a company that offered text messaging as a form of communication.

Texting is instant, easy, and convenient for consumers. This is why using the format will help teams improve the way they interact with their clients and leads. Customers will feel better supported and heard in this format.

5. Improve employee communication

SMS messaging also improves internal communication. Employees can instantly connect with each other or receive notifications about company announcements or specific project updates, directly on their phones. This improves workflows because processes are streamlined and collaboration is enhanced.

6. Gather user data and feedback

Text messages give you a valuable format for collecting data and feedback from your audiences. After they make a purchase or take an action online, they can receive a survey or a simple question via SMS message. You will better understand their experience and impression of your brand, while at the same time allowing customers to feel like how they feel matters to you.

Text message marketing helps you connect with customers, increasing conversions and thus helping you increase revenue and continue growing your business.


Why Mobilize Comms is your text solution

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